Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Compositions in Time

What a summer I had!  In my summer studio in Duntara, a small community on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean,   I work almost exclusively in reclaimed wood and wood assemblage.  The whole series is called Compositions in Time.  I scour the  beaches in my area for finds, chat with people about my love for the old and discarded, and forge interesting friendships that often result in finds coming my way.  Everyone want to get in on creation.

It was one of my most productive periods in years.

 With two shows slated, one a group show in July at 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects in Duntara,   and the other a solo show in September at Two Whales, Port Rexton,  I knew I  didn't have time to waste.

Here's my  art summer in pictures....

 Looking across the  Duntara harbour at our house (it's the little speck on the far shore)

Our garden that rolls to the sea with views that inspire. 

Our new pristine workshop (shared with my husband)  was completed in early May after a fire demolished our old one the year before.   Thanks to a kitchen reno in our St. John's house this space has mega counters and storage and always looks so organized and pristine.


Two Rooms Contemporary Art Projects, Duntara .  This is not your ordinary gallery.

And this is not your usual opening....  What a beautiful day we had. 

Some shots of my work in the gallery

And then on to Two Whales in September.... 
 Two Whales Coffee Shop , art John Hoffstetter 
I loved how my work looked so comfortable on the walls of this old house/ coffee shop. 

And there you have it.  This fall I started posting  on Instagram in earnest as a way to be accountable.  While I miss my wood pursuits, I've been experimenting with encaustic monotype and collage.  I seem  have a great need to create, decompose and recompose, where's it going I have no idea. 

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