Monday, January 19, 2009

What do artists do?

What do artists do? It's interesting how you come up with ideas for posts. I find it's the "one thing leads to another" pattern for prompts. Today's post is the result of cleaning out a stroage closet and not an art one either! I recently found materials from my time as a primary grade teacher. Many activities revolved around brainstorming using the alphabet as a framework. Rather than "What do farmers do?", I thought I would challenge myself with an adult version . I'm sure there's lot more to add, so I'll pass the challenge along to my readers. I think we will be amazed by the actions of artists. Creating art is definitely higher order thinking (good old Bloom's Taxonomy).
  • Aa -analyze, arrange, adapt, anticipate, appraise, assume
  • Bb - believe
  • Cc - create, collaborate, conceptualize, challenge, classify, convert, change, construct, communicate, compile, contrast, choose, compare, critize, crituique
  • Dd- distort, describe, develop, design, defend, decide, disect, deduce
  • Ee- experiment, extrapolate, extend, examine, express
  • Ff- feel, focus, formulate
  • Gg- grow
  • Hh - hybridize,
  • Ii- investigate, imagine, invent, illustrate, infer, incorporate, infividualize, initiate, integrate, interpret,
  • Jj-juxtapose, judge, justify
  • Kk - know
  • Ll- label, list
  • Mm-manipulate, modify, minimize
  • Nn- negotiate,
  • Oo- observe, organize
  • Pp-play, predict, produce, plan, propose,prioritize
  • Qq- question,
  • Rr- repeat, research, rebel, reproduce, restate, relate, rearrange, , revise,
  • Ss- synthesize, select, substitute, simplify
  • Tt- transfer, transform, theorize
  • Uu-use,
  • Vv- view, validate,
  • Ww- write,
  • Xx-
  • Yy-
  • Zz-
OK. I set myself a time limit and it's up. The usuals are left blank, any thoughts to add?

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