Saturday, November 15, 2014

Studio organization Part 1: Hanging works on paper

This is not my studio.  I wish it could be because  I crave light.

This is my studio.

My studio is in the basement of my house and currently it is a mega mess.  That's what happens when you have two studios and you're away from your main one for four months.  It becomes a catch all for the family.  I now have ceiling tiles, a bicycle, a half finished guitar, a ladder,  paint cans, art supplies, and my work hung randomly around the room.    Thankfully the folding 7 feet studio acoustical panels are gone!  It is not a pretty place, but it has great potential.

My art is all over the place; I don't even know what I have anymore.  As a result I've been thinking about ways to hang/store art in the studio so I at least know what I have.  In the past I've put art away and completely forgotten about it.

 It hasn't always looked like this.  I've featured it here. Messes happen when you let the little things slip.

Fast forward... I'm developing a long term plan for the studio that will encourage me  to actually go there to create work. If I try to do it all at once I will never have time to work.

 I need...
- more lights;
- a way to  hang/store paper works;
- better organized storage for  art materials;
- storage for work on cradled panels
- a better painting table that tilts;
- a way  to mount larger works on the wall while they are in process;

This is Part 1 of a series of posts on Studio organization.

Hanging works on paper 

Cork board 

I've always been a fan of cork board and the more space you can use the more display area you will have.

If you don't want to stick pins in your work this clothes pin/tack combo would be great or you could also use a paper clip hung on a tack or a metal grip. You won't be limited by a permanent layout.

I love this idea of display and storage that swivels.  Efficient and effective. 

Paper Clips


This is a simple and versatile idea for studio use when you do works on paper and want to get them out of the way or critique them.   These boards look a little heavy to me, but the ideas of bulldog clips has merit.  Check out some other options ...

 I would be more inclined to mount a long strip of wood and space clips along it.  That would accommodate different size work. You could have two rows of wood strips if you wanted.

Variations on a clothesline

Good old clothes pins have lots of uses.  I like rectangular hanging frame below.  It is compact and out of the way of other things.  Space above your head isn't useful for much else.  I'm noting this one  is hung  near a corner which would keep it out of the way for bumping.

What could be simpler than a strip of wood and clothes pins.  I would use the top pins for photo references or other reference material and the bottom one for art work.

And a plain old clothes line idea.   


I'm a fan of pegboard because it is so versatile.  When you paint it white or the same colour of your wall it becomes unobtrusive. The flipping pegboard provides more storage because you can use both sides.  As to how I would mount it, just move that problem over to the resident handyman.

This is a multipurpose piece that gives me several ideas.  You can make it wider for more exposed pegboard space.  Have one door opening and you can use it for storage inside.  Put it on a lazy susan and it will swivel.  It would also look great and fit well in a corner.

There's great storage ideas here.  I like the framed pegboard to hang finished work.  Painting it the same colour of the wall will help to give a more open feel to the space. 

Clothes hangers

Whew!  Lots of choices here. Which ones will work for my space?  If you have any new ideas for hanging works on paper or you use on of these do share.

Links to all of these ideas are on my Pinterest page under Art Studio


Carole Reid said...

Wow, so many brilliant ideas here! How will you ever choose? I'm going to try the strip of wood across the wall with the binder clips. Thanks.

Jo Murray said...

Some very neat ideas. I'm a clothesline kinda person, but would like a pegboard cupboard too.