Friday, April 3, 2015

Studio organization Part 2: Works on cradled panels

  Big blip since my last post.  Life sure does get in the way.   All my great ideas for organizing my art space were just that, ideas.  After saying the final good-bye to my mother, I now feel like I just might have some art in me.  I'm slowly getting back on track.  But my studio is only slightly more organized than it was in my last post.

On to storage of cradled panels in this post....

Most of my work is on cradled panels ranging from 4 x 4 in. to 24 x 36 in.    I tend to want to hang any work I think isn't finished on the wall so I can reflect/critique it. That requires one type of organization, and then there are works that are waiting to go to the gallery or have returned from the gallery.  They require different storage spaces. Right now some of them are hung higgly piggly on the walls and some are wrapped and stored wherever I can find a place.

Because many of my pieces are smaller than 10 x 10 inches, I think using eavestrough has merit.  The ones  at the top are  metalwhich I'm assuming you can still purchase. I've only every seen plastic which should hold small works.

This is a good idea for work larger than 10 x 10in. because I could still see the work and it could be placed on one of my many counters. 

Even better is a floor to ceiling one that could be placed in a corner, nook or under the stairs.

Why not make use of  small vertical space under a stairs if you have it?  

Or in a closet or the tall space under your stairs?

I love this idea of pegs on evenly spaced strips for work in process or at the critique stage.  I would just have to figure out the smallest piece I would do standing up and go from there.  I often sit to paint small works.   Right now I have long screws mounted on each stud.  It works to a degree but I often can't find the right placement to hang  smaller work.

 If I had a tilting tabletop like this one I could do small and medium work there.  

Now that's a lot of ideas, all are reasonable.  Which will I choose?  We'll see. 

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