Sunday, May 22, 2016

Catching time

Well that sure flew by.  I can't believe I wrote my last post in September 2015 after our big  workshop fire.   Perhaps there's a good reason for no posts. Yes, indeed there is! You can't make work when you aren't in the studio, and you don't go to the studio when you are creatively flatlined.  Thankfully that's over.

 I am back at the summer house and busy getting the new workshop workable,  and at the same time madly scouring my usual haunts to find new reclaimed wood and interesting attachments for my future assemblages to complete enough work for my Solo show in September.  Remember I lost three years worth of collecting in one day.

In a fit of positive thinking (that doesn't happen much) I saved some of my most precious wood scraps in the hope of getting the smell of smoke out of them.  That little experiment begins June 1.

It seems I am finding all sorts of things on the beaches, but none of them, are as far as I know now, are  of any use for  my future creations.

Perhaps I'm wrong! I just may be on second glance.  

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