Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art Fix Residency Project #2

 For some reason which I can't understand right now, I'm going through a red phase.  This is my 6th red piece in the last several months.  I aiming for  nine pieces to be included in a summer show.  I'll keep creating and edit the selection down to 9 in the end.

Apart from red, encaustic  and texture seem to be the prevailing trends in my work this week.   I'm keeping the work small so I can complete it in one sitting rather than dragging it along for weeks because I have little spare time these days.
Growth (2011) 6 x 6 in.., encaustic, paper, pigment stick on cradled panel

My inspiration

I love this paper and I've used it in very interesting ways since I found it several years ago.  I'm on my last half sheet and for the life of me I have no idea where I bought it in my travels.  This always happens when you find something good.  I have a lovely collection of mark making tools for encaustic. Incising is one of my favourite activities in this medium.  Rubbing in pigment stick with burnt umber  is a great way to subtly highlight textured lines for a great organic look. 


-Don said...

This is rich and wonderful. Red suits you.


dosfishes said...

Yummy texture. So much depth achieve in a small piece. Red suits you, keep going. xox Corrine

lyle baxter said...

we all need some red at this time of year. please keep showing us! your paper is lovely but I dont know where to find it either. is it tibetan? p.s. small pieces are elegant in red! love the size but would have to buy 3 to make a statement! good idea!

teresa stieben said...

Very organic. I have noticed lately that my pieces seem to be either very warm, reds and yellows or very cool blues and greens. Nothing mid stream. Its all enjoyable and am now working outside my comfort level, painting a 3x4 foot canvas. This fits with the "use what is in your studio theme" as I have had these big canvas for about 6 years now.
big Hugs!

Christine O'Brien said...

What luscious color and texture! A small collection of these would be lovely.

Jeanette said...

I think the red is our internal need for warmth. I don't know if I'll warm up til June or July! So bring on the red! Its lovely.

The layers and incisions give a lot of interest in the piece.

Margaret Ryall said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm still feeling red so I'm accepting a need to use it. Jeanette may be right- it's coming out of those dreary winter months.

When I work small like this I try to have some unifying aspect to the work so it can be displayed in a grid in a gallery show. The working style and content references my usual themes, but the processes are exploratory. Because they are small, I never worry about messing up so the go for it factor is large. Teresa's comment of working on a 3 x 4 foot canvas is horrifying to me. I never know what to do with all that space. Perhaps divide it up into smaller parts?

Kathy said...

"Growth" is wonderful! The bridging from bottom to top really works, and your attraction to red also works!

teresa stieben said...

Working 3x4 foot canvas was terrifing for me as well thats why they sat for 6 yrs. I must say I feel quite liberated for having started. I had to get my sweetie to alter my work easel more upright to accomadate the size. Hugs!