Friday, March 18, 2011

Still working away

I've been very busy this week working on three pieces for an upcoming submission for a group show. I have't gotten around to finishing my last 6 x 6 "red piece".  I'm ready for the last layer of pigment stick glazing.

All week I've been looking at these two papers  that just ended up getting placed together.I've tried to come up with something I could use them for, but nothing came to me so now I've used the "bark" paper (not its correct name) in one of my new encaustics - and I don't have any left.  Now how did I come by that?  That seems to be my mantra since I started this "residency".  I guess it shows it's working because I'm using up materials, but should I be thinking about buying more?  Isn't that how we end up with so much stuff?  I hate having that feeling that I might need it sometime and won't have it.


-Don said...

Trust your gut, it will tell you when it's time to use your materials and when it's time to replenish. Just remember to have some fun while you're working within your "residency"...


Anonymous said...

I can empathize with that feeling. Seems to me that the feeling about work being revealed is problem solving, how to use those disparate materials without buyng more. That's how I am trying to think about. Still love your red. xox Corrine