Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Continuum (2009) 10 x 24 in.
mixed media ( photo transfer, acrylic mediums &paint) paper) on board

There is inspiration in the simplest things. How many times do people walk by aspects of nature intent on their own inner world and completely miss what is happening around them? At times I feel I have the opposite problem - a continuous bombardment of stimuli that must be filtered out or it becomes overwhelming to process. This rose shrub is a good example of my usual " nature experience". I was strolling along in the Millennium Garden, Birr Castle Demense, and was beckoned by both the buzzing of bees and a glorious smell. Drawing nearer, I could see that some rose blooms were still in tact serving as landing pads for bees busy playing out their role in nature. The thing that really interested me as I looked more carefully was the presence of every stage of blossom development in a rose. It was like the passage of time caught in action and I was there to experience it. Two days later and all the blooms would possibly have disappeared, an hour before the bees might have been busy with other concerns.

This was a difficult painting to execute. It lay around my studio for six months in various stages and configurations of elements. There were so many elements to include that I could not get the composition to work. I used a great deal more paper than in the other paintings in this series. The evidence of the original photo transfers is almost totally obscured by the inclusion of additional information from my memory. The work grew to be much more sense bound and less about the actual rose bush itself. With the addition of each element, I felt I was building my own understanding of the the passage of time.


Poetic Artist said...

This is really beautiful all the detail and depth..

layers said...

You have a lot of detail in this painting and had a lot of memories and feelings to draw from when executing the painting... very nice.

Lynda Lehmann said...

Margaret, Bravo! It's beautiful! Sounds like you have a very interesting and promising process going on there!

Is there a book somewhere, that talks about this process?

I've missed you and your blog all these months, and your endless spirit of inquiry and creativity!

beauty comma said...

it's beautiful margaret. i like the old-fashioned roses a lot - they carry so much history.