Friday, February 14, 2014

5 Framing options for small art work

Do you always frame your art the same way or are you open to options?

Much of my art is small in scale, intimate would be a better description. I am always looking for ways to make  pieces look more substantial on a wall, but still have the work as the main focus.  There are lots of ideas on the web, but many of them are a little too folksy or crafty and would end up drawing attention away from the work.  Here are some of my favourites.

  1. White Double Frame 


Margaret Ryall white double frame and mat
Double white frame with a white backer board
 photo: Margaret Ryall

 I saw this idea in a small gallery  in Cornwall, GB this past summer.  Many of the paintings were seascapes and I thought the white double framing certainly helped to enhance the pristine blues in the work.  I liked it so much I use it with modifications to display my sky and sea encaustic series in a show at the Leyton Gallery last fall.

It didn't hurt that I just have to dream it up and hubby can make it for me.

My take:

Margaret Ryall Sea and Sky series Leyton Gallery
 Sea and Sky series,  2013 Leyton Gallery. Margaret Ryall
Narrower frames and no inner frame. To get the look my husband made the frames and routed out an edge at back to glue the backer board which was 1/4 in. MDF.  I painted the frame and backer board separately - Benjamin Moore Floral White which is a lovely  grayish white great for display purposes. The encaustic monotype was adhered to 1/8 inch plywood with PVA glue and then attached to the backer board with glue. To keep everything square while drying I made spacers out MDF.

2. Silver Leaf Mat

silver leaf mat for small black and white work
 Silver leaf mat

I saw this on Joss and Main shopping site and thought it had possibilities for displaying small work.  I think silver leaf is used here but you could also adhere paper to the surface and finish with acrylic medium.   The four together make a nice pairing. You could also frame all four in one large frame.

3. White frame with traditional mat

Floated landscape matted and framed in light colours

I must say I like this presentation  You have to admit you really notice the art work even thought it is small.

 4. Multiples in one frame

mutliple art works in one frame
9 works in one frame
I know! Another white frame.  I like how these black and white works show so well together because your eye is contained by the frame. They can be differing depths too which comes in handy.

 5. Connected frames

connected frames narrative art Margaret Ryall
Connected frames
Wouldn't this be a great way to show works that together form a narrative?  The l natural  frame lets the work shine.  Perhaps this post should have been titled The Power of Light Frames. 

Do you have any thoughts on these framing ideas ?  Would you use any of them ? 


Chris O'Brien said...

I love the first double frame. Although, they are all great -- thanks for sharing! Perfect timing as I have many new smaller works to get ready.

tess stieben said...

I framed works for interior designers using the double frame with a backing board, it makes for a clean look.

john son said...

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