Monday, March 7, 2011

Taking stock and first project

My ArtFix residency challenge has begun with a re-organization of aspects of my studio.  I found out that:
  • I'm basically pretty organized and I don't collect a lot of found materials which is interesting because I love texture and layers in my work.  I may need to think about this.
  • I have way too many books in my studio and reading often keeps me from producing.

Perhaps there's something here about using up materials.... You see how you can easily get sidetracked into something safe like researching. 

I am basically a self taught artist and books were my friends in the beginning of my art career.  I rarely buy a how- to book now.  I've been thinking about ways to "get rid of them".

  •  I have scads of paper of every variety; I kept finding more and more.  It was rather startling when you attach a money value to it.

 Who knows when you might want to add a bit of shredded paper to something!  I've begun to save this to add it to encaustic - someday.

  Then there's all the photocopies I've done - just in case.  I use a variety of image transfer techniques in my mixed media work. 

 Every trip I take, I bring home at least one watercolour pad or pastel paper pad.  Never mind that I rarely work in watercolour or pastel anymore.

The bane of my life is my obsessive attraction to pretty, graphic, textured, gilt , glossy, fibrous, silky or any other kind of paper  you can think of. There are boxes of it now nicely organized thanks to this residency. 

 I've  kept every failed painting I ever created -even the ones from my early explorations into art.  You learn quickly that anything is fodder for a mixed media work.  

  • I've tried every medium throughout my short career, but drawing materials are scarce.  While I'm attracted to graphic work, I rarely create it. Interesting and food for thought! 

 There's no shortage of things acrylic.

  • For this residency I've decided to focus  on paper and graphic mark making materials - what I have the most and least of .  

Here's my first project using gilt papers, cadmium red encaustic and a gum arabic transfer(at the bottom).  6x6 inches. Keeping the scale small lets me get one completed in a day. I'm also going to be into speed in this residency.  No obsessing about worthiness just creation.


dosfishes said...

I think this is an absolutely marvelous first start, love this piece...and you studio looks like you are a bookaholic too. I know what you mean about how to, some I still love to look and re-look at, but I started giving one away whenever I did a giveaway. Startling how much you can spend on paper, never mind the fabric stash you have too. xox Corrine

Mark Sheeky said...

That looks like a highly organised and efficient studio. I also know a paper addict! In fact it seems to be very common. I limit book space by having one shelf, anything extra gets given to another artist.

Margaret Ryall said...

How to get rid of your art book collection would be a good topic for a future post. I'll be soliciting ideas.

teresa stieben said...

When I moved I donated 2 full bags of art magazines to a school that is for kids who don't work well in regular school systems. The teacher was very happy to take them.
I have quite the book collection also, from art to religion, and now I have started collecting wildlife books. I look at it as a good addiction.

Carole said...

Hello, I just found your blog this afternoon and I am eager to follow! Paper, books, canvas, and anything I can make a mark with are some of my favourite things.

The girl across the street from me is attending her first year of art school so I am constantly passing things on to her. She loves it and I love keeping my studio somewhat organized.