Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What kind of flower are you?

What? More flowers? Yes! Bear with me for awhile because there is so much to the lowly flower. From my previous posts - if you've been following my blog- you know that flowers are symbols of love, gratitude, friendship and beauty. They have been painted by artists through the centuries and are a favourite subject for photographers.

But..... did you know that flowers are connected to astrology? Florascope, written by Helen Brown Gentry and photographed by Sally Tagg, offers "new insights into the personality, career, relationships and spirit of the twelve flower signs." You can find out what other flowers you are compatible with, and what famous people share your flower sign. This was all new to me, but how could I resist when I saw this book in a sale bin for $3.99?

So, what about me? I am an Aries born on April 17.I am a tiger lily- not one of my favourite flowers and not one of my favourite colours either- until I remembered they are can be different colours like pink. Before I read the rest of the information I tried to look at the positives of a tiger lily. It is energetic, faces in all directions, is tall and reaching, has lots of blooms, can grow in pretty bad soil, and is all around hardy even in high winds. Not a bad profile overall. Now, what about the horoscope stuff?

A natural leader, born to leave a mark. Tiger lily aims to achieve greater heights than other flowers and is guaranteed to make an impact. Only one place suits this vivid exhibitionist and that's first. Supercharged, courageous and determined, defender of the helpless. For all its colour and show, tiger lily is easily damaged by thoughtless behaviour and is the first to cry at movies. This all sound a little too close to home for me.

Health-- prone to broken bones ( I am a klutz) and ailments of the head (no comment).
Love-- romantic, adoring, possessive (only one of the three)
Career--- business executive (not, but could have been), military officer (never) entrepreneur (aren't all artists?) head hunter (I've done it in my own little way)
Spirit-- Prefers religions involving theatrical expression of faith (not by a long shot)

Famous tiger lilies --- Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Russell Crow, Picasso, Sarah Jessica Parker, Joan Crawford, Celine Dion --- a pretty creative crowd.

If you're willing to give me your birthday (no year) I'll profile the first four birthdays I receive. Let's have some fun and see where this goes. Stay tuned.


Margie said...

Hi Margaret
I really enjoyed this post!
So very interesting!

My birthday is August 12th.
I look forward to seeing what kind of flower I am.
Thank you!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Oh, this was great! I actually like the tiger lily so I'm hoping it's mine too. My birthday is October 25th.
Mary Ann

-Don said...

Margaret, I've gotta' do it. I'm giving a response to your title question before I read the rest. My first thought when I read it is, I'm a prickly pear...

Now I'll read the rest.


-Don said...

OK, I'm back. November 19th is my birthday. Please tell me I'm a prickly pear... That would be so cool.

One of the dangers tiger lilies must endure in their strive to be the tallest and to stand out in a crowd is the little boy walking by with a stick... not that I know anything about that. ;-)

Be careful...


Kathy said...

I'm a tiger lily like you, Margaret (March 27th). Some of the characteristics describe me, but a lot don't. But, I DO like tiger lilies a lot and have them in my garden. Now I can better relate to the :-)
Thanks for an interesting post.

Margaret Ryall said...

Thanks all for commenting on what was a fun post for me to do. I am always attracted to everything floral as you know. I'm getting the next post ready.

Margie, I think you will like your flower, I would love to be connected with it.

Sorry Mary Ann you are not a tiger lily, but you and Don share the same flower. I can just see Don with that stick messing with the flowers. I'll seek an explanation for that. More later.

Kathy, I'm not surprised that you're a tiger lily.

Mark Sheeky said...

I'm December the 14th. That has to be a dandylion... yes!? Or a melancholic bluebell... or joyous sunflower!

Given the self reflection so far I half expect narcissus.

-Don said...

Hi Margaret, I was just reliving my childhood for a moment there. My grandmother had tiger lilies that came up every year just outside of the chicken coop and I remember running around playing with a stick as a 7 or 8 year old and pretending I was Carl Yastrzemski at the plate preparing to hit a home run. That only happened once, because then my grandmother was pretending she was preparing to hit a home run across my butt cheeks.


Margaret Ryall said...

Hi Mark,
You share a birthday with my daughter and I will tell you your flower is exotic - tall, angular and colourful.

I'm with your grandmother!

hwfarber said...

Aren't digressions fun? I stopped by expecting to read a blog about flower paintings and you're into astrology.

rivergardenstudio said...

What an intriguing story, I love that you are a tiger lily... like you, when I look at a flower I see so much more than just a flower. (putting together my science and art background has been a joy for me). Each flower is a celebration, a work of magnificent art, a wish, a dream. My birthday is May 14 if you have time! roxanne

layers said...

this is always fun-- I think my flower would be a small one-- subdued color with textured leaves because those are the type of flowers I put in my gardens--
can tell you are happy to be the tiger lily