Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lost in memory

Part 3, Lost in Memory, (2006) paper, paint, acrylic mediums on canvas

My garden explorations began in the meadow of my childhood where my grandparents' temporary dwelling was located while they built the one I remember. In 2005 I took a trip back, walked the paths and visited haunts from my childhood, recording my journey in hundreds of photographs. I continue to review them and find inspiration to add to other works. It was the photo of the candy bar wrapper in a previous post that made me think of this work that now is part of a triptych gracing my friend's wall.

Here's the whole piece.


Mary Buek said...

Margaret, beautiful art. . . love the colors, the textures, everything.

self taught artist said...

its a very soft, soothing piece. makes me feel like i am right there