Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Continuing the theme

The tedious job of titles has been completed and my twelve pieces have been shipped off to Cube Gallery in Ottawa. My plans are made to attend the opening on September 6. This is the first time I've shipped work outside the province. I checked several options but in the end went with good old Canada Post which was not too expensive. I'm waiting to hear that it got there in good form. I can't imagine there will be any problems because it was packed up with great obsession!

Thanks to Babs and her comment to the previous post, I named the work in question Entangled . It certainly fitted my intent for the piece. Tangled(pun intended) up in my thoughts were: ideas of the long line of decendants in the Rosse family tree; the whole history of the English in Ireland; the fact that the tree fell on a commerative flowerbed; the complex nature of tree growth; the sadness of seeing a stately and well loved tree fall; and, my relationship to the tree when it was standing and how this changed when it fell.

I'm now working furiously at part 2 of Reading a Garden for a solo exhibition in 2010. I think I will continue to explore this theme for quite some time. Rather than running out of ideas I keep getting more.

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Poetic Artist said...

I am glad you are continuing the theme. I would love to see them in person..Your work is so wonderful.