Saturday, August 29, 2009

In workshop mode

I was one of a small group of artists from St. John's and surrounding area who climbed the long flight of stairs to St. Michael's Printshop this morning to find our welcoming instructor, Anita Singh, waiting for us. This was Day 2 of a 4 day workshop titled From Printmaking to Encaustic offered in conjunction with R & F Paints. Day 1 passed quickly as we investigated the trace monotype process. With a number of images under my belt from yesterday's work, I was eager to add to my stash of materials that would be used on Day 3 and 4 in encaustic explorations.

Jim Maunder and Bonnie Leyton share advice.
The plexiglass work tables no longer look quite so pristine.

Angela Antle and Carol Bajen-Gahm hard at it.
Angela learned to use a light touch while Carol already had acquired one.

Two happy artists.

And another one... Things must be going well.
Evelyn Peyton Murphy ties one one in red while the rest of us use boring Burnt Umber.

And the one who escaped my camera.... Tara Bryan.

It was a great day and the learning was exponential to the power of eight. Anita is still smiling but Louise Sutton looks a little fatigued.

Next post - Everything you ever wanted to know about Gum Arabic Transfers.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Thanks for sharing your work shop experience Margaret!

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