Friday, April 2, 2010


I spent the day in emergency with a raging skin rash that kept me from sleep for the last 36 hours. I kept getting bumped by the ambulance arrivals from accidents and heart attacks. I tried to be patient. It is a long holiday weekend which accounted for the high level of activity at the hospital .

I'm very impatient when every square inch of my skin is burning off and itching. There's a lot of waiting in our lives . As I sat there crossing and uncrossing my legs and trying not to scratch I remembered a poem I had written in a similar waiting experience this time for blood work. Needless to say art is not high on my priority list today. All energy goes toward not scratching and trying to keep my eyes open after doses of Benadryl. The sentence of possibly 6 weeks of this is daunting. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. It is a spring like day today with sun and a gentle breeze. That's uplifting.


Sitting patiently,
staring at dirty gray tiles
lined up to show the way to numbers.
Black is the predominant colour,
smooth leather, scarred by salt,
an absence of laces,
strides determined
to quicken the pace of service.
White plastic bags
held protectively in clutched hands,
holding secrets.
The numbers move slowly,
36...., 37....., 38.
Feet that moved quickly and defiantly,
now shuffle, cross and uncross,
lie flat,
in the realization,
that we are just a number
you wait to be called.
to feel the prick of a needle, your reward.


Kathy said...

Oh, dear!! I'm so sorry to hear of your malaise and hope that the remedy is working. There's nothing more frustrating than an uncontrollable rash and lack of sleep. Waiting all day is a special trial, but you made the best of it by penning a marvelous poem! The irony is no lost on me. Get well soon, ((hug))

Jeanette said...

Not a good start to a holiday weekend for you. I hope they gave you something that helps ease it and that it won't last as long as predicted.

Waiting is something I do less well these days. Your poem sums it up quite nicely.

layers said...

I am so sorry to hear of your rash-- it sounds horrible-- I hope you get relief soon.. and be better by Easter at least.

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Ohhhh, so sorry! My thoughts are with you and wishes for getting over this quickly! To be frank my daughter and I have both been in a similar state, not enough to go to the emergency room, but certainly wondering if there is something in the air! Hope you have relief soon!

Sherwood Harrington said...

Oh, no, Margaret!

I hope this works out well for you, and quickly.

Stan Kurth said...

Sorry to hear of your predicament. Hope you're better soon. You have my prayers. I like your poem.

Ian Foster said...

I am very sorry to hear of your skin rash, I suffered something similar last year following a drug allergy. I know it is very unpleasant but believe me it will end, - soon I hope.

-Don said...

Yikes! I'm sorry to hear of your rash. I hope relief comes soon. Waiting sucks! Especially when you don't feel well. Great poem to sum it all up...


ArtPropelled said...

Poor you!I hope it subsides soon. I had an allergic reaction to local anaesthetic and someone told me to soak in hot water, as hot as i could tolerate it. Sounds odd but it actually gave me some relief! Freeze or Fridge for sunbearn also helped while I waited for the injections to take effect.

rivergardenstudio said...

I hope your rash is gone by now and that you can relax, and not wait anymore! roxanne

Mark Sheeky said...

Good poem. That sums up hospital waits. Do hopital waits in every country and era feintly echo East Germany?

Lynda Lehmann said...

Very effective poem, Margaret! Perfect ending, although you would have preferred avoiding "the prick," right?

I hope you found out what it was and that you are much improved!

Life is a waiting game, it seems. Today I'm waiting to go for a sonogram, and then I'll be waiting for the results. And so on...

By the way, Calendula cream works well on itchy bites and rashes, at least it does for me.