Friday, September 10, 2010

There's more than one way

Getting your work to the public is always on the minds of artists. Fellow blogger and artist Kesha Bruce and artist Charlie Grosso have decided to try something new with the creation of Baang and Burne Contemporary. Don't bother looking up the physical address- there isn't one! Wondering where the name came from? The gallery takes its name from a cold-war era espionage term used to describe covert demolition and sabotage operations, altering the spelling slightly in a tongue in cheek reference to Big-name art galleries that donne the names of their well-known directors.

The plan is to produce 4-6 exhibition events a year in cities in the US and Europe on a minimal budget. The goal of each event is to introduce the artists to possible new collectors in a new geographic region, or to a new group in their own backyard to increase future sales by engaging new audiences through relationship and community building.

Instead of using the traditional “pop-up” gallery that takes over a commercial space or store front for a limited time, Baang and Burne will create a series of private “one night only” events with a much smaller guest list of individuals. Most of the events will actually take place in a private home and will be by invitation only. Anyone has the chance to be invited simply by getting onto our invite list.

Baang and Burne's first event will take place in New York City on September 26th, 2010. More on this event on Sept. 16


hwfarber said...

Interesting. I'm always a bit hesitant about attending something in a private home. (I feel obliged to buy.)

Margaret Ryall said...

Interesting comment Hallie. An artist run centre in my home town has had art auctions as fundraisers in private homes. In most cases they were successful. I've never been to one.

If the event is as much about making connections/building networks as selling then I think that might ease the load of buying. You can also self invite (get yourself added to the list) to these affairs.