Sunday, November 8, 2009

Changing times

We Are Neighbours (2009) 9.5 x 10.5 in. encaustic mixed media on board

What's going on here? No flowers, no peeling wallpaper, no rusty objects, no family imagery. Where did this work come from? Is it from the same person as the work in the previous post? I did mention not censoring my experiments in a new medium, but I wasn't expecting a whole change in content. Although this work might not look the same as most of my other work, there is a subtle link to the passage of time and its effects - my consistent theme.

My mind has been immersed in child like things lately because of my two granddaughters. I'm buying new children's books and games and talking about childlike things. I'm seeing the world through innocent eyes. A child's ideas about the world and how to exist in it develop early through family and schooling. While most parents try their best to model positive treatment of others and provide experiences that will develop a social conscience, the world that children grow up in doesn't always fit their upbringing. Things can go wrong, lessons can be forgotten and a new beliefs formed. We are not always neighbours.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like this piece and I agree we take ourselves with us in all our work...I like the grid and playful imagery!

Kathy said...

Hi Margaret,
Isn't interesting how interaction with children transforms our adult way of thinking? It allows us to harken back to days when our perceptions were relatively unaffected and less jaded. Your painting shows that simplicity on the surface, but the content is far more complex and adult. This is an effective juxtaposition of emotional perspectives. I'm still thinking about how this painting reads in terms of the division of space. The lower portion is void of the complex interplay above it and acts as a wall.

Kathy said...

On second thought .... after looking again, I think the L shaped border you created on the lower left side/bottom is effective. It contains the forms that spill into the composition about it. Containment works!

Margaret Ryall said...

Whew, Kathy you had me worried there for a minute. I wanted the squat, hemmed in feeling that you call containment. The idea of putting up walls between "us and them" was also in my mind. I'm glad you gave this work such serious consideration and succinctly phrased your doubts. I never mind a good critique. I have two friend I rely on who are very good at it, but both were away when these works were finished.

Poetic Artist said...

This a change but a nice change. I love this and I still see you in this piece.

The Artist Within Us said...

I admire artist who work in encaustic. I hope to someday try my own hand at it. To that goal I have purchased bees wax and brushes devoted only to wax painting.

The idea of painting and scraping away I like as it mostly unpredictable and I love the results you have managed to achieve.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Margaret Ryall said...

Having just looked at your work on your blog, I sense you would indeed like to work in encaustic. I am just finding my way with it but it is a very exciting and satisfying medium to use.