Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An exhibition like no other

 We remember things for a variety of reasons and my exhibition at St. FX University Gallery in Antigonish, Nova Scotia  will go down in memory as my most unique one -not soon forgotten.  It went like this...

After settling in at the B & B, Don and I went to the gallery to reattach one of the wax castings that had broken free in shipping.  The work looked very comfortable in the setting because it was a relatively small space with lots of nooks to meander around.  Because of its intimate scale my work would look absolutely lonely in a spacious gallery.  I was impressed with the consideration given to the placement of the work.

I left feeling good and greatly anticipating the next evening.It was time to take in the sights of Antigonish and have a relaxing dinner.  The next morning all the chatter about town was of the upcoming snow storm. Now I'm a planner and I checked the weather  before leaving St. John's and packed accordingly.  My suede slip ons were not going to cut it, and we spent that morning shopping for boots!  By mid afternoon the writing was on the wall.

We tried to get a taxi rather than take our rental car with no snow tires.  Unfortunately we couldn't get one and started for the University. It was slow going and somewhat foolhardy on our part.   We didn't really have to worry about where we parked.  The lot was empty

This doesn't look too promising.

But everything was ready inside.

Bruce Campbell (Gallery Director) and Don are being encouraging.

I've decided that wine is the answer.

Our first guests show up. Thankfully students don't mind the weather and these two had lots of questions and comments about the work. I'm engaged.

After half an hour passed we had several more students who happened to be passing by and were encouraged to come in, take a look, and have a snack.  At this point I'm laughing and having a great time.  Perhaps it's the wine.

Our next visitor shows up.  This is hilarious. 

Not to be outdone, Santa's elves wanted in on the action.  Yes, all maritime elves are this spritely.

I would like to think that Don is admiring my work.

This doesn't look so promising.  I was right.  We spent about ten minutes getting out of the parking lot.  With the skidding that went down I'm surprised the tires were in one piece. Going at 20 km. an hour we breathed a sigh of relief as we neared the B & B, .... 

It was picture  perfect, but the driveway wasn't plowed.  I was elected to walk through the drifts in my new $25.00 boots to get some action. The innkeeper solve the problem quickly. 

Soon we were nestled in our Victorian room  and  reliving the night's events. The story doesn't end there.  After waiting at the airport in Halifax the next day for five hours, five minutes before loading the flight was cancelled because of St. John's weather.  Time to look for a hotel .

Do you have and exciting exhibition story?


Janna said...

Hi Margaret, We heard about the snow storm on the West Coast, and I said to Pat, I think Margaret's art exhition is on! Very interesting, loved Santa and the elves. Nice that you got students to come by.

Looked like a lovely B and B. Hope to see some of your art next summer. You and Santa looked like you were having a great time! cheers Janna

Kelly Marszycki said...

Oh, my! Margaret -- kudos to you and your husband! The closest I can come to your story is one of the shows where the gallery owner never showed up, I had to rally the waitresses, the bartender, music, etc. in under 30 minutes to "go on with the show" -- phew! Hope you've recovered?

Carole said...

Oh Margaret! On the positive side those students must have loved your undivided attention! Santa put your name on the "good" side of his list. Congratulations on the show.
My story happened last June when my helpers were very late and I had to drag all my huge paintings out of the car and into the building with heavy glass doors. While pulling open the door for the 10th time it dragged across my toe. Blood was everywhere, my toes were throbbing, and I had two full days of standing on my feet ahead of me!

-Don said...

Brrrrrr.... What an adventure! Mother Nature can be such a heartless lady at times. Congratulations for weathering through. I'm glad that Santa and his elves received their invitations and had a few moments to stop by. I must admit that I'm enamored with those spritely elves, but not quite as much as I am by the beautiful works on the walls.


Jeanette said...

Oh Margaret, I'm sitting here laughing at the adventure that unfolded for your opening.

Santa and the elves hehehe that's just beyond funny. But did they buy anything?

I'm glad you got through the obstacles thrown at you and this will be your best exhibition story forever I'm sure.

orlando taxi said...

wow cool. i want to see that too. snow look too interesting and adventurous.

hw (hallie) farber said...

Looks like you had a great time. Who else has had Santa show up for an opening? Beautiful exhibit.

Years ago it snowed in April in Maryland--the night of my very first one-person exhibit. I thought that was unlucky until my friend told me that her mother had died the day of her first exhibit.

Maybe a book or blog about opening nights that don't go well?