Sunday, December 28, 2008


It seems that all I'm doing lately is thinking about painting but not actually painting. I have a whole host of activities I engage in that make me feel involved in art without having to commit to anything. These include:
  • reviewing photos I've taken related to the work I'm currently doing(but not really doing)
  • critiquing current paintings and taking notes on how I might change things (but rarely do)
  • reading topic related information, right now that's art and gardens
  • talking to friends about what I am doing (so I don't do anything)
  • writing about what I have painted including: why I am interested in the topic; connections to past work; questions to consider; suggestions for new work
  • cleaning up the studio and ordering supplies (How desperate is that?)
  • visiting friends who are artists and talking about their work
  • writing proposals for exhibitions that I will probably never send
  • reading about art marketing
  • researching on the web, especially artists whose work is similar to mine in imagery and working style
  • working on my blog (this is a new item on the list) - obviously I can't talk about what I am painting so I have to write about not painting!
Thank heavens, the latest edition of Canadian Art came just before Christmas, so I have a whole magazine to read now. I am running out of things to do; I guess the studio should soon beckon.


Lynda Lehmann said...

All those activities are good, Margaret, as a respite from painting. And yet they no doubt add to your overall perspective on art in general and to your own, in particular.

I have the opposite problem--which is that once I start painting, I can't seem to stop! I need to achieve a better balance with related activities--and yes, even with house cleaning and general life concerns.

You might be interested in reading "Women Who Run with The Wolves," by Pinkola Estes (?), which has been heartily recommended to me by several other women artists.

I'll let you know when I have read it, myself!

Margaret Ryall said...

A friend gave me Women Who Run with The Wolves last year. I enjoyed it and found much to ponder in it. I have it laid aside to return to, so perhaps this is the time.

I am hoping that with the festivities over and my life back to some kind of schedule, I will settle down to production rather than pondering. I have high hopes for next week. I am usually a very focused and productive person so my moments of inactivity are frustrating for me and I don't forgive them easily. I agree that in the end they probably benefit my work overall.

I'd love to hear what you think of Women who Run with the Wolves when you get around to reading it.