Monday, January 5, 2009

Capturing time

This image from my 2008 Remnants series was created almost completely using gel transfers. I began the process by taking hundreds of photographs of the walls of old houses that were undergoing renovations. I then sorted the photographs into groups and created the transfers. The layering of the transfers was very effective in creating a similar texture to that found on the original walls. Once the composition was created, acrylic paint was used to enhance it. This series was a departure for me because it was created almost exclusively by layering transfers.

My new Reading a Garden series that I am currently working on is utilizing some photo transfers that are then being changed by painting to mimic the erosion that occurs in our memory. As time passes we forget many details and revamp the original image based on what is memorable or important to us. We remember interpretations not facts.

So I have revealed one full painting from my new series.

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