Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Magnificant Magnolia delavayi

Untitled (2008) 10 x 24 inches, photo transfers, acrylic paint and gels, paper on board

The fifth Earl of Rosse built garden terraces and planted fine trees and shrubs along the banks of the Camcor River below Birr Castle. One of the most magnificent trees from this period, in my opinion, is the Magnolia delavayi . It is tree 21 on the Red Tree Trail which is an interesting walk that highlights many of the impressive trees on the estate.

When I saw the magnolia in early July many of the blossoms were just beginning to emerge while some were in full bloom. I was attracted to the continuing life that was evident at one glance. The waxy cream surface of the blossoms was enhanced by the glossy leaves and rough texture of the bark.

Facts for the gardner:

Common name: Chinese Evergreen Magnolia, Delavay's Magnolia.
Soil: well drained soil. Full sun.
Hardiness: hardiness rating 2/3.
Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Soil Type: Clay, Loam or Sand
Height: 35 feet
Growth Rate: 24 Inches per Season
Longevity: 50 to 150 years

Magnolia delavayi a rare evergreen magnolia with leathery dark green leaves and yellowish to brown bark. It bears large creamy white to yellow scented flowers which develop over a very long period of time.


Mary Buek said...

Margaret, what you do with photo transfers is amazing. This magnolia is beautiful.

Margaret Ryall said...

Thanks Mary.
I plan to write another post to help define how I actually create the look I have in my work and why it is important to work in this manner.

I love your work, of course it is the layers, colour and texture. I have a game I play with myself... If I could afford to buy which would it be. I had a virtual buy yesterday on your site!

~Gina Cuff said...

A beautiful piece of work Margaret and lovely photos. I enjoy hearing about the process you go through as you create each piece of work.

~Gina :)