Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's on my wall?

One of my favourite things about visiting is checking out what people have on their walls. Other artists must have this same curiosity because several people have asked me in the last month what kind of art I have in my home. This is the first sneak peek at the walls of my home.

For my first installment I'm highlighting a piece of art I have a personal connection to because it was created during a painting holiday I took in France in 2001. France II by Elena Popova, a Newfoundland artist, is a monotype on paper (25 x 50inches) composed of six separate panels, each is a response to some aspect of a two weeks stay in the French countryside . Elena creates lush, colourful work that is full of energy and excitement. It was creating monotypes with Elena in France that convinced me I wanted to be an artist. Not only does this piece remind me of the great time we had in France, it is also a constant reminder of the right choice I made for my second career.

photo by: Brenda Stevenson

Elena at work outside Ilse Hughes house in L'lirondelle, France . Elena uses oil paint on plexiglas and often uses her hands or other inplements to etch into a painted ground. Once the plate is completed it is put through a printing press to create a one of a kind print - a monotype.

photo by: Brenda Stevenson

These are the two works Elena created during her two week stay. The first piece above is called France I and someone else is lucky enough to own it.

Here is where France II lives. I depend on the art on my walls to add colour to my otherwise bland colour schemes.

This is another piece I have by Elena. It is 9 x 14 and hangs in my downstairs hallway. I bought it at an auction to raise money for the Red Cross. The colours are even more vibrant than those depicted here. It is under glass and difficult to photograph. It is the perfect picture for spring.

Elena currently has a solo exhibition at Red Ochre Gallery in St. John's. Check out the work.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

I would love to stop by and have a cup of tea and enjoy all this great art up close. Very inviting!

Margaret Ryall said...

Thanks Leslie,
I could provide a lovely selection of both teas and art and my friends tell me a calming environment to sit in an enjoy. The feel I like to have around me is the same feel I get when I look at the art you create. There are places to just be in your work and then there are areas of excitement. That about sums up my how I want my life to be.

self taught artist said...

its fun to see the art in your house, the person who made it and how they went about it. i really like the idea of a panel of different works altogether like that, its got ENERGY!

TSL said...

I agree with both Leslie and Self Taught, I find the paintings extremely warm and charming, and they certainly must set happy mood in your home!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Thank you for not only sharing your art but allowing us to enter your sitting room,...very welcoming. The work is wonderful and I appreciate the tour of the creating process by the artist. I also appreciate your words on what has moved you to take up this art making life...lovely,