Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The long view

How you frame a photo gives you insight into compositions that interest you.  I would love to say I take all kinds of time setting up shots and giving conscious thought to why I'm framing in a certain way, but it would be a bold faced lie.  I put  the camera up and snap in a second or two; it all boils down to impatience.  It's only after I get home that things start to make any sense for me as I analyze what I've taken.  I think we are attracted to things unconsciously and patterns are only revealed at a later date. Alas, photography is only fodder for my painting.

Here's a collection from beautiful Devon  I've put together for your perusal and comment.



Hope you 're not leaving without your say.


Jeanette said...

Ahhhh Devon. Near and dear to my heart as I lived there and knew Lyme Regis well. I remember when it was transformed to film The French Lieutenant's Woman many many years ago then returned to original state again. I'm sure The Cobb wall is still the precarious place it always was, but with more warning signs now. The opening scene of FLW shows it as I knew it. :) Love the beach huts image - well all of the images actually.

I can see linear directions in your future. Is this intentional or just how it happened? There is a great appeal in following a line off to the distance. Its fascinating to see where it leads - on many levels.

Carole said...

Devon looks beautiful. Your photos will provide fabulous "fodder" for your future work.

debbie bailey said...

All of your photos have strong lines and are very similar. You must like straight lines. Do you paint this way, too? I'll have to look through the blog posts and see. I'd like to see this part of England; especially since I love Persuasion so much. Thanks for the visit!

Sherwood Harrington said...

I'm afraid that I don't have anything more insightful to say than "Wow!" These are fascinating and very pleasing images, Margaret, and if as you say they are the product of impatience, then three cheers for impatience.

Margaret Ryall said...

How lovely that you had an opportunity to live in such a beautiful part of the world. There isn't every anything intentional in my art focus. I feel my work is intuitive and I'm always open to what happens next. I pay attention to my what attracts me. I've always had a huge fascination to paths so I guess lines going into the distance is the same kine of pull.

I have to admit I feel inspired by my experiences and I'm paying close attention to what spoke to me the most.

If you look at my past work you'll quickly see it is more about texture and layers and not strongly responsive to line. That's why I am wondering what is going on with this sudden attraction to obvious linear aspects of scenes.

Any praise from such an accomplished photographer as you is high praise. I don't consider myself a photographer in the least. I shoot "snaps" in time.

debbie bailey said...

Persuasion is by Jane Austen and part of it takes place in Lyme Regis. There are several movie versions as well as the book, of course. It's one of my favorites. Hope you like it, too!

Nancy Natale said...

Really lovely photos, Margaret! I often find myself shooting like this with something in the foreground and then a long view into the distance. It really seems like an active perspective on a place when you look into it like that. Thanks for posting these. They really bring Devon alive.