Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Novice needs help

In Between (2008) Mixed media on cradled panel, 10 x 30

Today I'm experimenting with the file size of the images I upload to my posts. I am such a novice when it comes to anything having to do with digital output. While I can manipulate file sizes, I really don't have a firm understanding of the effects of these changes apart from the obvious that you lose detail. Is there an optimal size to use in your posts? What other factors should I be aware of? I'm hoping for comments from my readers to add to my expertise in this area. The top image is at 252 KB while the second one is 1.0 MB.

I have an additional problem with photographing my work. There is usually an element of subtle texture in it as is present in the right side of this work. Often these areas are quite dark which adds to the difficulty of capturing these subtle areas. Any tips to help with this problem would also be welcome.


self taught artist said...

for blogs i try to keep most images under 3-500 kb (if I want them to click it and see it larger). sometimes I go smaller, the less kb you use the better i think. plus it loads so much faster when it is small, and lastly, if you dont want someone copying your images for some other use if its small you dont really need to concern yourself.

as for the dark side...i sometimes select that area and then mess with the midtone highlight thing in my paint shop pro program.

good luck, i'm sure you will get much better advice soon from someone who knows more!

self taught artist said...

know what, i'm wrong, i try to keep the image DIMENSIONS at 300 x 500 not kb.

Margaret Ryall said...

Thanks Paula. Now if I knew how to do anything in my photo shop apart from re-size, I could fool around with the image. I can see that I need to get over my fear in this case and plunge in.