Saturday, May 2, 2009

A garden walk

Do you ever see a pathway, driveway or entrance and feel compelled to find out what lies further along? By answering this call I came upon a lovely garden just outside Birr Castle Demesne in Birr, Ireland. For days I passed this beautiful, inviting, blue-green door on my way into Birr town for groceries. While tempted to open it and peek in, I resisted. Another day I walked down a different street and saw a long driveway that led to a B &B. It beckoned me but my husband wasn't convinced he belonged there. I convinced him. Come along with me on a garden tour of the then Walcot residence grounds which might now have new owners because the property was for sale.

Wouldn't you want to know what was behind this door?

This is the entrance that convinced me to explore inside.

Just up the driveway was an inviting spot to take a rest. I wanted lemonade but none appeared.

In front of the house was a large gravel parking area and off it were a number of inviting archways that led to different areas. This one went to a private residence so I controlled myself.

Let's take this one and see what happens.

Ohhh, I just love the circles and the gentle curve.

If you're tired, take a little rest.

There's a gate just beyond the hanging branch.

We've taken a trip along the boundary of the property and landed back in the parking area.

Another path to follow...

I noticed that there were a number of paths, both long and short, that ended up where they began. There was a lot of walking involved in exploring a small area. I guess that's the ultimate in garden design.

This is another sitting areas near the house. I finally got to see what was behind the blue-green door.

It's just as inviting inside as out.

Headed back down the driveway I noticed another entrance I missed on the way up. Shall we venture in?

It's a small enclosed courtyard with lots of interesting areas.

Don't forget to look up too.

There now! Wasn't that a lovely walk?


Miki Willa said...

Thank you for sharing this great walk. I especially enjoyed the scenes from the last entrance. The trellis and the ivy are wonderful.

Sherwood Harrington said...

That certainly was a lovely walk, Margaret! Thanks for taking us along.

And to think -- Diane and I spent four weeks right next to the place and never knew it was there. Maybe next year...

Margaret Ryall said...

It was the green door. I needed to find out what was behind it. Without that I would never have found it either. Now isn't there something to be said about the "draw" of doors.

Sherwood Harrington said...

Oh, yes, there is! Including the draw of this one, with which we are both familiar.

Margaret Ryall said...

It's similar in colour isn't it? Have you thought about how open an inviting this door on the Bothy side is and how hidden and obscure the garden side of the door is? You could read a lot into that (historically, symbolically etc.)

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Margaret, you have a well developed ability to find great stuff. I also notice every time I visit your blog, I see a new one on your side bar that I must go explore. Thank you for that as well!

Ram Bansal, The Theosoph said...

Endles beauty. No words are enough.

HeartFire said...

Wonderful photos that draw me into the walk and the beauty of this place. Doors, gates, pathways, empty chairs, all symbols that open the mind. Great fodder for art projects!

TheDecoDetective said...

This is definitely a beautiful walk! Thanks for sharing. I love gardens and parks - many Norwegians go for 8-hour walks in the mountains, but I think it involves too much walking and too little time for looking and enjoying...

Mary Buek said...

Okay, Margaret, that's what I call a GARDEN. Beautiful.