Saturday, September 12, 2009

What about these?

There's nothing like a trip to spark your creativity. Everywhere you look you see something that either fits with your perception of the world or causes you to questions it. I have many favourite shots from my recent visit to Europe but these are a at the top of the list.

Inside looking out at the Aquarium in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen.

Part of a beautiful wall in Tallin, Estonia. I never pass a grid of any type without photographing it.

Combining old and new in a seamless design in Tallin, Estonia.

This is not your usual form of insulation.... Folk Village in Oslo, Norway. You know from my banner pic that I am attracted to gardens on rooftops but I thought this one takes the prize.

This is not something I would ever consider. We were standing right under this twirling plane at Tivoli Gardens when my husband reminded me that we were not in the best spot for the possible side effects of this ride. We moved - FAST.


layers said...

Isn't it wonderful to have pictures from traveling to other countries?
I went to London and Edinburgh in June and come home with some wonderful pictures--- such memories.

beauty comma said...

the rooftop looks just like the one on my sister's cabin! i think all peasant houses had grass and flowers on the roof in the olden days because the roofs were thatched with turf. sometimes people put the goat up there to do a bit of roof mowing =)