Tuesday, October 20, 2009


From my earliest memory pattern has always attracted my attention. There is something safe and calming about pattern. The repetition draws you in and your eyes are ordered to follow the routes laid out by another party; it is a mindless activity when you give over to the rhythms created. Even the most complicated patterns provide this calmness for me if I allow myself time to see the components. I see pattern everywhere in nature and the created world. It creeps into aspects of my artwork and daily life. My daughter has admonished me for my attraction to pattern when choosing clothing; she is a neutral lover.

While we stayed with our friends, Pauline and Chris, in Devon this summer, I admired their wonderful garden which is terraced and works its way up a steep incline behind her house. It was an intricate world of twists and intersections when you looked up and through. My friends were astounded to see what images interested me. It connects right back to lying in the meadow as a child and seeing the blades of grass and stems of buttercups. I am attracted to the parts just as much as the whole. How do you see the world?

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