Sunday, February 14, 2010

Exhibition 2

The theme of Exhibition 2 of Screen 2010, created to celebrate the visual art of Canada is The Art of Knowledge- When Seeing is a Way of Knowing, curated by Donna Wawzonek. The exhibition centers around the work of Alex Janvier featured in the first slide. Other artists whose work embodies the qualities of Janvier's paintings were chosen to complete the exhibition . From my perspective it is an an odd assortment of work. Given the title I had preconceived notions about the type of work and the artists who might be included (given my limited knowledge). The work goes off in many different directions.

I found Pam Hall's On the Physiology of Female Reciprocity interesting for its title and concept . It explores the many ways a female body receives and gives. This diptych is part of a larger work titled Fragments from a ReConstructed Gynaeopedia which examines the female body as a site of knowledge. See other works from this series here.

It doesn't hurt that I know the range of Pam's work and where this particular piece fits in her long career. She is active in the arts community in St. John's, but much of her work has been show outside the province. To get a sense of the interesting work she has created check out her website.

I am particularly attracted to her Small Gestures, a daily practice she began in 2009
" to remind herself to be attentive , awake, and mindful as she begins each day. Simple, humble and ephemeral- these performed gestures are photographed and shared daily with friends on Facebook. They have evolved into a series of gentle interventions which serve as small "presents" of "presence". "

Did you have a favourite in Exhibition 2?


Kathy said...

Pam Hill's work is wonderfully creative and contemplative. I like her themes and uninhibited exploration of them. Thanks for introducing me to her work!

Shayla said...

These links were very useful. Thanks for keeping us up to date on what's happening in the Canadian art scene.
I was thrilled with Pam Hill's facebook gifts and thought her work on the female body to be interesting.

-Don said...

Wow, What a great body of work Pam Hill has! Thanks for pointing us her way. I'm thrilled by all of her work and especially enjoyed her daily "Small Gestures".

My favorite piece in Exhibition 2 is Alex Janvier's "Fly, Fly, Fly". I cannot put my finger on it, but my response to it was almost spiritual...