Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm sure everyone has a favourite way to step back from life and gain perspective emotionally and creatively. I'm no different. One of my favourite places to contemplate is in the car (not while I'm driving!). There is something about the movement of the car that soothes me and brings my mind to another place. The movement of objects whizzing by in my peripheral vision adds to my thought transfers.

In 2004 I wrote a thought flow about this process. I never call what I write poetry because I know little of the academic aspects of poetry. Calling it something else removes the stress and moves your writing to an easier place.


Sound tranquilizers sooth agitation,
lulled complacency moves thoughts
to a matched rhythm,
tired ideas wither,
replaced by sparkling gems
mined to create thought mosaics,
patterns for future direction.

The ocean also has the same hypnotic effect on me. Again, its the rhythmic sound and visual sameness that brings me to a new place where ideas seem to come more easily and you feel at peace.


sun lurking beyond the veranda roof
unrelenting heat on parched legs
white from winter isolation,
blueflies buzz and skitter
their hum marking the drowsy flow of time,
grasses tickled by warm breezes
nod to usurping yarrow,
gentle waves lap the shore
creating hypnotic instructions,

a dullness descends,
monotony paints life in equal values,
concern abates,
enthusiasm wanes,
I become one with the environment
a seamless integration of sea, sun and thoughts,
a slow absorption into the fabric of creation.

Then there's the peace of nighfall....


Jeanette said...

Movement seems to help thought along I agree.

For me its the ocean that works best, though the ticking of a clock in an empty house helps spur things along too.

Movement becomes soothing and repetitive. Is it that background noise that allows thoughts to gel I wonder?

Margaret Ryall said...

It seems that the other comments to this post have magically disappeared. Interesting!! Has this ever happened to anyone else?

hwfarber said...

Beautifully written "thought flows."

I recognize the feeling from Transfer; I just have to close my eyes.

Integration is what I feel when I look up at the stars late at night; I feel I'm part of every plant, animal and being. Thanks.

dewatobay said...

your words are art

i'm inspired, but also frustrated. I just cannot seem to take the time to take the monkies in my head & translate them!