Friday, June 25, 2010

Against the background

Trees fascinate me and it is a life long fascination. I've written about their draw in previous posts and why they interest me. In the last several years I've been photographing them non- stop. In a recent re-sort of my photographs, I found interesting patterns in design and intent that I'm considering for future work. I ended my last series with a tree and the need to explore this image continues. I don't know where it is all headed but writing about it will probably help move my thinking along.

In the following photographs I like the appearance of the branches against the background. The graphic quality of line against blue appeals to my interest in patterning. The look is overall "flat" - one of qualities of pattern and decoration painting. As I look at them, I instantly knock out details and go immediately to the aspect of the composition that interests me. The textural elements are subtle and if I were to use these images for inspiration, my resulting work would downplay that aspect. I'm thinking about the tree as pattern .

The bordering of the trees at the top and side is delicate and exquisite. It is alluring enough to carry a whole composition or at least it would be interesting to try breaking all those rules and leave a gaping hole of blue in the middle.

The division of space by naturally occurring elements is often so perfect that you could never hope to come up with a better composition. In this shot, it is the main branches and their starkness against the sky that pulls me in. my mind instantly deletes the leaves.

My orientation has changed. Looking through now rather than up and seeing the tangle of branches. This reminds me of the garden series where I began with a very integrate design and continued to erode details until I achieved what looked like a very integrate natural pattern that was totally contrived on my part.

Again looking through and seeing a city beyond nature - a very interesting concept. Most cities need to push nature aside as much as possible to make way for life boxes of a different kind.

Change in orientation again, this time looking down and the background is water.

Freedom written by a branch.

Beautiful but not graphic enough. Nature has gone too far with this pattern and there's nothing left for me to interpret.

I'm still not there yet, but there is a glimmer of my next work. I'll keep sorting and resorting my photographs and looking for patterns in more ways than one. I know the answer is in there somewhere.


Kim Hambric said...

Very inspirational photos. So many possible compositions. I can't get enough of trees. I love that photo of the city behind the downhanging branches.

-Don said...

These are all great photos, and as Kim put it, very inspirational. My favorites are the ones that are backlit giving the trees the opportunity to define themselves with their structure, not their shadow pattern.


Kelly Marszycki said...

"freedom written by a branch" -- this is perfection -- enjoyed this entry, Margaret. We often don't take time to truly observe what surrounds us, do we? Thank you for sharing.

Angela said...

I've never met a tree I didn't love. Even as a child, climbing, hanging or swinging out of trees made me the most happy! Now I love to take photos of them and enjoy other peoples as well. Thanks for sharing yours!

dewatobay said...

excellent composition and then translating the "feeling" evoked by the pix into words.
well done

rivergardenstudio said...

"Against the background" is a beautiful post. I love the way trees are so influencial in your art, and in life. roxanne