Thursday, November 18, 2010

What's new

Untitled, 6 x 6 in. encaustic, pigment stick, paper on board

I'm continuing my explorations in encaustic in an attempt to find my voice in this medium. Red and its variations and symbolism seems to be a constant theme in my work lately. I'm thinking about that.


Shayla said...

This is very pretty. Happy exploring.

So far I was told by the museum I'd mentioned to you that there aren't any wallpaper archives. I know differently. When my mother's back again in December, I'll get her to ask. She has a bit more clout there.

Mark Sheeky said...

Am I the only only person who wants to taste this one? :)

Kelly M. said...

wonderful "globular" feel to this -- enjoy your explorations, Margaret!

Margaret Ryall said...

Thanks Shayla. I look forward to receiving any information you might have on Wallpaper archives.

There is something edible about encaustic when you look at it but I've yet to go there!

Globular is an interesting description of this work. sometimes when I look at it quickly it reminds me of a life form throbbing but the magenta colour moves it into another realm for me.

-Don said...

I get "life form throbbing" when I look at it. Your words are much better than the ones I was trying to find to convey what I felt from this one. Thanks for taking us along during your journey of discovery. It's my favorite type of trip.


Kathy said...

Very tactile and organic. A life force without a specific identity.