Monday, August 22, 2011

Painting on and off


It seems I'm about to break my  painting focus  assumed over the last month.  On August 24th we leave for three weeks in Germany and then a week in England. Having visited both countries before I have a good idea of what is in store generally, but each visit brings something new to my life.  Travel offers  much inspiration for my art.  While I never create work while travelling (not even sketching) I take numerous photos.  They often end up in mixed media work as image transfers or when sorted at a later date they provide new themes to explore.  Every major trip I've taken in the last ten years has resulted in subtle changes in my thinking about the work I create.  I can never predict beforehand how I will be affected, but I know I will be.  It's like Christmas.  You know you'll get a gift but you don't know what. I'm looking forward to a fall of interesting blogging.

Ready to eat it all up!

Stay tuned.


Carole said...

A month away.....lucky you! Travelling has the same effect on me. When I went to Scotland all I painted/collaged/drew was chimney pots and doors for months afterwards!

Have a wonderful time away and I'll stay tuned. Looking forward to seeing your new works.

-Don said...

Happy travels! I look forward to seeing the wonderful photos I know you'll be sharing.


Jeanette said...

Hsve a fabulous trip. I agree that travel does inspire and mold thoughts. I usually come back fired up with new palettes of colour to try and scads of photos for inspiration.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Its all been said...have a lovely vacation filled with inspiration and fun!

Mark Sheeky said...

Enjoy the trip! I'm sure it will inspire. What part of England are you coming to?

Margaret Ryall said...

We are spending 3 days in London and 5 shays in Devon.

debbie bailey said...

You are so right about travel affecting artwork. Same goes for me. I'm needing another extended trip soon. Hope yours goes well.