Monday, December 19, 2011

Stamping to create pattern in encaustic

2010 Tangled,  Sorted, Revealed, Woven (8 x 8 in.) mixed media encaustic

Decorative patterning is a motif in much of my work even when the work isn't about patterning. 

I use various techniques to build up patterns in encaustic. To date fabrics and papers were my favoured materials. My latest explorations involve creating and using stamps.  The previous post shows stamps I created from embossed paintable wallpaper samples.    Right now I developing a "store" of these papers to use in later compositions.  So I am free to play to my heart's delight.

 Positive Stamping
  1. Create a background surface using basic monotype  techniques in encaustic (see youtube video in previous post)
  2. Use part of palette to lay down a bed of coloured encaustic to dip the stamp in.
  3. Place paper on hot palette. 
  4. Take up encaustic on stamp and then stamp it onto the prepared paper. The paper has to be on the palette  If you try to do it on the table the encaustic will dry before you get it to the paper.

Stamp used

 Stamping with similar colour as background at top.  At bottom you can see the faint traces of stamping with white.  I like the subtle nature of this.

 High contrast

 Decorative overlay in gold over a vibrant monotype

A new stamp

 Stamped in gold over a ghost print made with  cadmium red and bits of blue.  I then hand painted more blue between the gold stamping and greatly modified the original design.  This has possibilities because I am modifying/changing the original into my own interpretation.  Doing this in repeats (layers) creates a totally new design. This is a technique I use in acrylic when I start with an image transfer.

 More over stamping using gold.

A new stamp

 Over stamping a previous print

Negative Stamping

  1. Lay down a bed of encaustic on palette.
  2. Place stamp into the bed of colour (encaustic will be stamped with the pattern removing some of it)
  3. Take a print from the palette.
Stamp seems to be on the missing list!

you can see that the stamp removes the encaustic from the plate in a very interesting way leaving an outline of white around it.  I've just begun to play with the possibilities of negative stamping.  Stay tuned for more adventures.


Carole said...

Thanks for this information Margaret. Encaustics is so
"yummy" with all the added textures!

Margaret Ryall said...

I find the medium intoxicating. I just want more and more of it. It's the manipulative nature that pulls me in. Things sure do get quiet around Christmas time in blogland don't they?

Carole said...

Yes, life gets so busy that there's not much time for blogging. I'll still be posting next week but I used the posting option to post at chosen times. Take care.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Nice tutorial on your stamping. Haven't visited in a while. Nice new work coming from your studio. Merry Christmas. xox Corrine

Sue said...

Oh Margaret, I must be awfully thick... I still don't understand the process you describe.
For instance, if you say, "Lay down a bed of encaustic on palette" - what do you mean by "encaustic" - encaustic medium?? And by palette - do you mean a hot plate?
Thanks for explaining to an ignorant student!