Friday, January 6, 2012

The meaning of new year

The new year is upon us and that brings thoughts of what will be different in 2012.  I had a little more time to contemplate this than I wanted because I ended up in hospital on December 28 and just got home yesterday.  When your lifestyle is threatened and there are more questions about your health than there are answers, you quickly line up your priorities.  Right now, among other things, I have double vision (cause unknown for a little while longer) so I am typing with one eye closed.  That only lasts so long and you get a violent headache.  It's also a great excuse for bad editing; it's the only up side I can find in all of this.

I was  relieved to find out I did not have a stroke (original diagnosis for 6 days) nor do I have a brain tumor thanks to an MRI yesterday.  Pretty sobering when they were on the table. More tests are upcoming.  In the meantime not much blogging or painting will happen. My life is thinking, talking  and listening to audio books (which I found out I love and didn't think I would ).  My balance is the pits so moving about is minimal. I am not very good at this but I'm learning.  Right now I'm  thinking about a new computer.

A little computer advice needed
I am thinking of  buying an I Mac. My husband just joked that I have an I pod, I pad, I phone and "I "patch so I need to line up my computer accordingly.

Are any of you currently working on blogger and using a Mac?  Are you having any problems?  I don't want to have to learn a whole pile of new stuff or spend time problem solving.  I have two blogs and would not have the patience for glitches.  

Are there other things I need to consider before changing from PC?


Jeanette said...

What a scare! I hope all works out well for you. We take things for granted so much until they go wrong. Good wishes being sent your way.

As for the Mac vs PC, I have only used PCs so can't provide much insight. However Katherine Tyrrell did some intensive research on the machines before she bought hers. You may find some useful information in the links there.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I'm sorry for all your troubles and so glad stroke and brain tumor have been ruled out! Good time to take it easy and plan and think in other ways...I like the idea of listening to books...very helpful.
I send my best thoughts to you in this health mystery.

Randall David Tipton said...

I hope they figure it out soon Margaret! Being forced to reflect on your life and the future may have a benefit ultimately. You get to know on a deep level what is really important. Hope you get back to yourself soon!

Carole said...

Oh my gosh Margaret! I'm sorry to hear this news. I hope they figure things out for you soon. Waiting for results is so tiring. Hugs.
I LOVE blogging on my Mac! It's easy and fast and simple. I haven't had any problems.
Take care my blogging friend. More hugs.

Margaret Ryall said...

Jeanette, The link to Katherine's site was very helpful and thorough. I am mucking along with my one eye typing and thinking about art. Thanks for the info.

-Don said...

Oh, no! I'm sorry to hear you're having health issues. I pray a you get better soon.

I've been blogging from my Mac for several years now and have not had any problems with it. In fact, I LOVE my Mac. It turns 9 years old this year and continues to do everything I ask of it quickly and wonderfully. I've also blogged from our PC (the fourth one in those same 9 years) and find that I can go back-and-forth with no problems other than a few differences in keyboard shortcuts.


hw (hallie) farber said...

I'm sorry to hear about this Margaret. I hope everything goes well and you have a great 2012.

I can't offer much help with the computer decision. We bought a new PC a year ago; I cussed a lot when I had to relearn things. The problems were not with the computer but with me; I'm sure I would have had problems with a Mac, too.