Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dragging in encaustic monotype

 Dragging is an interesting technique  in encaustic  monotype. 

  •  apply a design to the hot palette ( I use Rand  F palette) using pigmented encaustic ( I use R and F)
  • place your paper on top of the design and use a barren to ensure all the encaustic is absorbed into the paper; experiment with various types of paper
  •  take two corners of the paper and drag the paper in a circular motion.  It is a very random act and you don't know what will happen to the original design. It is also interesting to drag vertically or horizontally or in partial circles. 
  •  clean your palette and  apply a second colour in places ( I like metallics for this step) and place the same print down again to pick up a second layer by dragging
  •   repeat this step several times adding more visual information to the original monotype. 


Carole said...

Wow, random is cool Margaret! What type of paper did you use for this one? Could it be done on cloth also? Or would the encaustic crack?

Margaret Ryall said...

Carole, In answer to your questions, this is just a practice piece so it is actually on sumi paper. I've tried all weights, but I only like the effect on thin papers because I want to then collage these pieces into larger encaustic mixed media works. I think you could get this effect on cloth because the encaustic soaks into the material. It would have to be thin cotton, muslin or some other natural fibre. It would be interesting to see the grain of the material as a texture. I have to try this to see what happens. Thanks for the questions and the prompt to more explorations.

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