Saturday, May 26, 2012

Road Trip

It's a lovely day  in St. John's as I put the finishing touches on my packing.  We're  setting  out for our 10 hour drive across the province to get the ferry to Nova Scotia.  Not my favourite part of this trip, but very necessary when you leave from the east side of NL.  It will take us three long days of driving to reach Boston  where I'm staying for three days before leaving for Provincetown and the encaustic conference and a two day workshop.Of course there will be tons of art viewing along the way.

 I have high hopes of coming back from this trip ready to create again.  My mind has already leaped ahead to a new series of work which will result in an exhibition.  I think Surfacing is a perfect title for my new series.

The image above is work number one and it's already at The Leyton Gallery.   I feel like the real me is surfacing again after all my health woes of the last six months.  Bring it on!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Great fun for you on this 'road trip'...plenty of inspiration!

Lesley Ann Staples said...

Oh that's beautiful. Have fun on your trip. be safe.

Carole said...

Have a wonderful time! I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better and have started your new Surfacing series! This first one is rich with beauty and colour.

hw (hallie) farber said...

Beautiful piece, Margaret. I definitely look forward to seeing more of "Surfacing."