Saturday, January 24, 2009


Mounted #1, #2, #3 , Butter Point, Jerseyside (2008) 10 x 10, wax casting, oil paint, encaustic on paper

Not everything you find in a meadow is a flower. These three works were created from objects I picked up from the detritus of what was once a family shed that sat in the middle of a lovely meadow overlooking the ocean. I wanted to honour these everyday objects that had all filled important roles before the wood they were attached to had fallen into disarray.

This work is part of a solo exhibition called Remnants held at The Leyton Gallery of Fine Art in May 2008.

Here are photos of the site.


self taught artist said...

very inspiring work!

Mary Buek said...

These three are absolutely wonderful. I love old rusty things, and your family's farm looks somewhat like the one in my family. Always a source of great photographs. But my favorite are the poppies. These are brilliant. I have tried to grow poppies in my garden for years but just haven't had any luck at all. I have heard they can be tempermental to start. Yours are the next best thing. . .