Friday, January 23, 2009

Pivotal point

A painting by Susan Abbott on A Painter's Year this morning brought me back to the beginning of my art career, that difficult time when I wondered if I wanted to take a leap at middle age and really shake things up. Questions were running rampant in my mind the summer of 2001 while I was on a "painting" holiday in France. Interestingly enough, because I had done very little painting up to that point, it was really an "exploration of painting" holiday. Two friends and I stayed at a farmhouse owned by Newfoundland artist, Ilse Hughes, who provided room and board and instruction for a two week block.

Two other Newfoundland artists, sculptor, Luben Boykov and painter, Elena Popova were also on site and provided instruction. Elena works in monotype and I loved the vibrancy and spontanity of this printmaking process which allowed me to create art that was quite different from any I had created before. On my fourth monotype, standing in a sunflower field near the farmhouse, painting oil on plexiglass, I decided to be an artist. Why don't I look happier?

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self taught artist said...

love the painting, small as it is to see...all those sunflowers!!!!
yeah, why dont you look happy? were you already aware of how hard the journey would be?
(good job on linkage)