Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out of the old

In the family line 1, (18 x24) mixed media on canvas

It's time to take a break from garden paintings. I have eleven works staring at me. I've decided 7 are totally finished and 4 are questionable in many ways. I need to look at what I've done up to this point with fresh eyes. I've turned them all into the wall and cast my eyes elsewhere for awhile.

I'm returning to work I started almost four years ago. Here is one of two mixed media works based on family history that have never worked. I keep moving them from one spot to another in my studio. In my mind they are the result of having too much to say and not censoring it for composition.

I've been fiddling with cropping in my photo program to see if I can find good compositions. Below are two options I've come up with. When I find ones I like, I will unwrap the canvas and cut it to make individual pieces and adhere them to gallery panels. It will be hard to take the knife to it.

Choices I'm considering (approx 8 x10 size)

Then there's square.. I like this choice because I could do three and have the more abstract one in the middle. I will cut them to the same size when the time comes.


A rambling rose said...

Gosh how brave you are - It is really hard to cut into work! I love the images they have a renaissance quality to them

Margaret said...

Maybe it's more foolhardy than brave. I've 'recycled' work in this way before with great success. It isn't working the way it is, therefore what do I have to lose?

I spent the afternoon exploring with a watercolour pencil and several size templates. Looking good.... Funny how I always revert to the good old tools.

Patrice said...

I am an enthusiastic proponent of "make something out of something made for something else". There is both control and a "chance operations" element of surprise in re-thinking old or half-finished projects with new eyes.

Both of your cutaways stand on their own - but I love what you are doing with them, too.

My friends laugh at me because I actually have a box labels: unfinished projects. Well, why not be straight up about it? ha ha..