Thursday, February 19, 2009

Under the knife

After my post yesterday, I spent the remainder of the afternoon exploring options for my work , In the family line 1&2. I created several matts of different sizes and used the open window to move it around the work. When I found a composition I liked I used a watercolour pencil to outline it. When I was finished I could remove the matt and see the outlines on the work. I went through three different matt sizes. No new fangled technology for me! There were so many layers of medium and gel on the works, I was not concerned with cutting the canvas.

It was a successful activity and in the end I created 5( 7 x 7 inch squares) from each painting. I found that the problem with the work was too much information for one piece, and that became the saving grace of the smaller works because I can now hang them to reinforce the narrative aspect.

Right now I have to decide what is the best way to present them. Originally I thought about using cradled panels with 1.5 inch sides and adhering the canvas to them with heavy gel medium. Then I thought each should be framed in a floating gallery frame and hung side by side (I'm moving away from that idea). Another option would be to mount the canvases on birch veneer plywood or Masonite and hang them together in one frame with spaces between each one. There are so many options. Did I mention I have an in-house carpenter who can create any panel or frame I can dream up? Lucky me. Tomorrow I will post an image of the five works from each painting. Maybe I will know how to present them by then.


A rambling rose said...

Wow you've done it! Can't wait to see the finished pieces!

Margaret said...

I'm a full speed ahead kind of girl!