Friday, February 20, 2009

Working on

Sometimes good ideas mutate into something unrecognizable. Today I will have to face the "what do I do now?' question. After cutting up two larger mixed media works (yes, two) into five small squares, I had to face the fact that I cropped the images a little too much. Yes, too much of a good thing. Yes, I got carried away. Yes, I should have taken a breather before cutting up the work. Yes, Yes, Yes. I know.

Today I have to add to some of the pieces to support the compositions. When you crop this tightly from a larger work, you end up with several strong pieces and others that are very weak because there's nothing left to anchor them. You might think that a smaller work would need less in it, but that is not what has happened. I've posted two that need a lot of help. I plan to spend much of today in the studio working on to success, hopefully.

I'm thinking about adding a faint photo transfer of my grandmother holding a baby over the lower right. It needs human presence.

There seems to be too much recognizable print in this. I like the bottom section. It is strong enough to support the image . Right now, I don't have one clue what else it needs. It just is not working.


self taught artist said...

you are doing good not screaming and having a tantrum....over cutting, getting rid of too much of something makes me feel like a small explosion is going on in my head over and over again. its MADDENING. hope you find a way to find your way!!!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Great potential here! Almost all of my small collage paintings come about because I cropped something that wasn’t working. Then I already have a depth of texture to play with. Enjoy! I’ll look forward to seeing what comes of these!

~Gina Cuff said...

I love this idea of cropping one larger piece into several smaller pieces. Brilliant!

Mary Buek said...

Margaret, I like these pieces, too. Great starting points for experimenting or adding stuff, but pretty neat just like they are.