Sunday, April 12, 2009

For Carrie 1907

For Carrie 1907, 10 x 20 in. (2007) Mixed media collage

Can you have a series if you've created only one art work? If I can count the ideas still lurking in the mulling centre of my brain, then For Carrie, 1907 is part of a series based on old postcards. The original postcard rests under the iris painting with the signature in gold ink (a faint trace of human presence ) representing the voice of the sender who is forwarding best wishes for Carrie's birthday. I found this particular card tucked away in the corner of a box in an antique store. I dreamed up a world for Carrie to celebrate her birthday. I love the fact that I created this work exactly a hundred years after the postcard was sent. My only regret is that I didn't copy the postcard before using it in the collage. It is forever shrouded by my interpretation of it.

The postcards that I find most appealing have embossed floral motifs, lots of gold and flowing script. They remind me of a time when such objects were in direct opposition to the the lifestyle of the recipients. Life was hard and there was little time for beauty. I place these postcards in the same category as the lavish wallpapers that even the poorest women managed to acquire for their homes.

There are many sites to purchase post cards. This one has very nostalgic images that are accessible with the purchase of a one time membership .

Other vintage postcard information and/or purchase source are:
TMonline Vintage Postcards ( 1907 vintage)
Joyce M. Tice (my favourite featuring the Language of Flowers)
Cottage Collectibles and Postcards (featuring tinted cards)

and of course you local antique shop or your grandmother's dresser drawers.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

It is a lovely series. These old post cards are lovely reminders of lives and times past.

jennifer woodburn said...

This is beautiful Margaret, and you should definitely pursue it as a series if you get a chance. I also love the new banner of your blog - great colour and texture!