Friday, September 4, 2009

Endless possibilities

Encaustic provides a wonderful world for experimentation with mixed media. I've only just begun to explore the many applications possible.

This image was created using a gum arabic transfer process in the printmaking part of the encaustic workshop. It started out as this ...

I cropped it tightly and applied it to plywood 6 x 8 board that had been primed with R &F encaustic gesso. This is a wonderful product that was created specifically for use with encaustic painting. It is a brushable white ground that dries to an absorbent surface. It works like standard acrylic gesso, but it has a lower proportion of binder to solid and remains very absorbent. I applied two layers of encaustic medium and then laid the print in a puddle of encaustic medium on the palette and quickly transferred it on top of the encaustic coated board. I used a piece of matt board and the heat gun to smooth it in place. I found it is best to start at the middle and move toward the edges. I like how the gesso enhanced the light areas of the print giving the work more contrast.

This work was also created from a gum arabic transfer process and was applied over a coat of clear encaustic medium. When I applied the print the white areas took on the cast of the plywood colour underneath giving the work a warm patina overall.

Here's the original print that I cropped.

While I was pleased with my efforts in encaustic, I liked both prints better before I cropped them. It was a case of working to fit the boards I brought along. I saved the cuttings from each so maybe there might be a way to make a second piece to keep the dialogue in the work going. With that in mind, I still consider both pieces successful. I haven't decided if they are finished yet. Time will tell!


layers said...

I have taken two encaustic classes and loved the surfaces and bought every thing needed but have yet to try any in my studio. yours are encouraging me.

Poetic Artist said...

Wonderful..I am just beginning to try encaustic..No classes here!!!
I just have to work my way through it.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Love, love these images!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Very creative. Would have loved to have been able to watch you do these.