Monday, December 7, 2009


When you love pattern and decoration as much as I do, the Christmas season leads to great temptation to consume. If I wasn't constantly telling myself you don't need that, I could drop hundreds of dollars every time I go shopping . It seems that even supermarkets have become places of temptation for me.

I try to make do with what I've gathered up over the years. I move things to a different place each year so it appears new. I've also begun to look around me and come up with new ways to use things for decoration. My back garden is a treasure trove of colours and textures for Christmas. Join me as I get my natural decorations ready.

Lots of spiky broom

Mugo pine, dried Goat's beard and branches of Spirea

Cotoneaster, boxwood and yellow cedar

One artificial Amaryllis never lets me down

Rhododendron leaves and Goat's beard stalks

Looks impressive. So many ways you can go. Cut, arrange, rearrange, stand back, arrange some more, look for the perfect spot in the house that needs to say welcome. Place it and look on with satisfaction.

Welcome to my home

First it was in the front porch but I decided the front step needed something, now it is covered in snow.

My white and gray kitchen definitely needs a shot of colour. My first Christmas card from our friends in Germany completes the composition.

My Ikea bowl makes a nice resting place and Carolyn Honey Harrison's painting provides the perfect backdrop. Needless to say the flowers are not from my garden this time of year. They're recycled year after year and might appear anywhere.

A few rose hips that were left on the bushes makes a nice accent with my white candles. I was one short as you can see. This will be rectified eventually.

This one makes a great addition to the lovely new birch tabletop my handyman husband Don just made me for Christmas.

You will have to imagine the music, apple cider and good cheer.


Kathy said...

Beautiful arrangements, Margaret! Your home is adorned with the holiday spirit and I'm amazed at what you've done with plants from your gardens.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Use what you have...and in such a lovely way! Your home is welcoming and I'm sure the greenery gives the fresh scent of the holiday! I'll try to imagine the apple cider, music and flickering candles!Thanks for the tour!

Jeanette said...

They do add such a festive touch.

You're good at arranging them well. I tend to toss things into whatever I can lay my hands on and hope for the best.

Poetic Artist said...

It nature not wonderful.

layers said...

you are so creative to go outside and gather all your xmas greens-- and such beautiful arrangements

hwfarber said...

Welcoming and tastefully done. I have an amaryllis from the same family--easy to care for. And, I believe I have a match to that green vase!

Anonymous said...
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Table Mountains said...

i never gave much thoughts to the rose hips in the garden but now i see they can help create something. thanks.