Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Exhibition promotion

I'm busy. That's usually a good thing because it means you have lots going on in your life.

Last night I did an interview with a reporter for a bi-weekly local paper about my current exhibition. It comes out next Friday. Tomorrow I have an interview with a reporter from The Weekend Arts Show on local CBC radio and Sunday I do my artist talk. I have to compliment my gallery for procuring excellent opportunities to promote my show. A recent review in The Telegram rounds out the cycle.

My mind is mostly on my artist talk which will be Sunday afternoon. There's no shortage of ideas about how it should go and I keep changing my mind regarding sequencing and content. The one constant is a short video my friend, Rene Wicks, has created from 45 minutes of shooting he did of me while we were stayed at Birr Castle Demesne. We spent Sunday editing it. What an interesting process. I found it similar to creating a painting, but much more tedious and technical. All that back and forth and clicking etc. but there was great satisfaction as I saw the footage decrease and form a cohesive flow.

Rene captured in the process. It's also a great shot of the formal garden.


Kathy said...

How wonderful that you have these opportunities to bring public attention to your work! This is a good "busy-ness" and I'm certain your talk will be a success. Have fun with it!

Shayla said...

All your hard work and organization is paying off. Sounds like the artist talk will be interesting and congrats on all the coverage. What a great gallery!

Margaret Ryall said...

Yes Shayla and Kathy. The Leyton Gallery goes all out to support its artists when there is a show. I'm lucky that it takes some of the pressure off me.

Mark Sheeky said...

Wow you're definitely a famous artist then! Video is tedious. I'm rapidly discoving myself that film makers are very masochistic artists!

How long is your talk? I hope it meets your expectations.

Jeanette said...

Congratulations on the excellent coverage for your exhibition and work. Its well deserved.

I'm glad the gallery is taking care of you. I plan on attending your talk on Sunday as I missed the opening of the exhibition.

Sherwood Harrington said...

It's a tasty confluence for me that your series has reached such a happy culmination just as we are gearing up for a return visit to the Demesne! I only wish we were somewhat closer to the Leyton Gallery than a continent's width; you know I would dearly love to see your work in person (and I wish I could be there Sunday for your talk, too.)

Will your talk be recorded? Even video recorded? That would make a great podcast, I bet.

Congratulations again, Margaret. And once again I marvel at what the internet allows us to do that we never would have been able to before -- without it, I never would have known of your work, or even of the Bothy itself.

Margaret Ryall said...

My friend plans to record the talk and possible integrate parts of it into the video of my time in the gardens. More about this later. We haven't quite decided what form all of this will take but we will have lots of video from which we can choose.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.