Friday, June 4, 2010

Up close

Everyone has their own interests when taking photographs. I've never questioned what I am inspired to photograph or why I may be interested in a subject. I just shoot merrily and file images on the computer trusting that all will be revealed at a later date. Last night I was sorting shots from my last two trips. I wonder where these are leading me.

I see many similarities with a recent painting in the Reading a Garden exhibition called Web. I was hoping I would move away from obsessive detail. Hard to say but my attraction to these three images is immense.


Shayla said...

I can see why. Love those textures. I'm curious to see where that spark of inspiration will lead you.

ArtPropelled said...

I can understand the attraction too.

Kathy said...

Beautiful and intricate textures! Go with what attracts you most. There's always a good reason.

Stan Kurth said...

These are indeed inspirational shots Margaret. They are the reference that give your work so much interest, whether subdued or emphasized.

-Don said...

Great shots, Margaret. I can see why you find them so intriguing... I can almost here the Siren song myself.

I'm especially intrigued by that shadow that falls across the top photo. I tried really hard to decide what caused it... a fence? ...a chair? ...the photographer?

Happy Creating!


Margaret Ryall said...


How astute you are. The shadow is me. I love to do that. It marks my presence in the shot.

dewatobay said...

There is a book that will explain, in part, your attraction/obsession with nature's patterns.

"The Power of Limits:Proportional Harmonies In Nature, Art, and Architecture" by Gyorgy Doczi