Friday, January 14, 2011

Another work in progress

It seems that most of my work these days is "in progress".  This state matches my life right now as I shift gears into my latest business venture.

Painting never leaves my mind even when I can't physically get to the studio.  This is work #3 of my Re-presenting Series. Obviously it isn't finished because the wood and rope are flying above the rocks and many of the rocks need to be "nestled". There is less wallpaper evident in this piece.  I seem to keep painting over it. Is there a reason for that I wonder?

I've already shown #1 and #2 below which are also in varying states of "done-ness". The boat is the closest to being finished. Nothing is titled yet either.  I'm very fussy about my titles and I need to understand more before I can title these works.

 I know that I need to break up the heavy lines of the house to get it to blend more with the interior and exterior landscape aspects.  Thanks for confirming that Don.


 I find it interesting that I'm showing work that isn't complete because I usually like to wait until I finish a work. There is something about these pieces that is elusive and no matter how hard  I try, I can't seem to nail them down. I think it is the nature of what I'm attempting to do. The melding of interior and exterior landscapes is difficult enough, but the interior shots (wallpaper layers) represent layers of time from the 1900's on .  The exterior landscapes both represent recent time and past time as the immediate natural landscape is current, but the objects in it are decaying remnants of the  work lives of the men in my family.   Everything keeps changing, my intent included.  I'd like to say I know exactly what I'm up to, but I'm just wading along and hoping I will find the right path. You've heard of writing your way to meaning, well, I'm painting my way to meaning.


Mark Sheeky said...

You're proving that what you think as incomplete can look finished to a casual observer.

Margaret Ryall said...

Hi Mark,
I had a wise friend tell me once that "when you think you're not finished, you are". I do have a habit of overdoing. I guess it's all about feeling finished.

kurt said...

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brbulka.g said...

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