Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where are the ducks?

I've been busy all week attending to all those details of your life you have to get organized before you go on a holiday.  My ducks will not submit to organization of any type!  I accomplish one task and another is added or mutates into something else.  At one point I misplaced my lengthy list - not organized at all.  I'm sure that when the morning of June 1 arrives I will be in tip top shape as I fly off to Boston to meet my friend Carol Bajen-Gahm who is attending the International Encaustic Conference with me.

I have a new Ipad and I plan to use it to write a few posts during the conference- if I have it figured out by then. I know I can take pictures and I assume I can get them into a post.  My granddaughter who is 41/2 is very impressed with my new toy and not afraid of it at all.  She knew all about apps and has the idea of free and paying for them. She has been impressing me with her ability to read free and use it as an argument to download kid friendly apps.  How different from my childhood of meadows and seashore, marbles and playing house.


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Enjoy the conference and your new ipad. They are fun to play with. xox Corrine

tess stieben said...

It amazes me how young children know all about these gadgets and technologies. Hugs!