Sunday, May 8, 2011

Working on paper

Last week I had two half days painting with encaustic on paper.  It was exploration time at its best as I created different surface effects that I will later combine to create new pieces or else file as examples for future reference. It was exhilarating to have a block of time to work  because my life is very hectic right now and I rarely see my studio.  Here are some of my explorations which are completed works :

 The base is printmaking paper that has been perforated with a sewing machine, coated in encaustic medium on both sides and then coloured with soft pastel that is shaved off the stick and rubbed into the wax surface and buffed.  Then a dark paper and a grid paper were added and glazed with pearl pigment stick. 

The same techniques were used on this one but there was more pooling of the powdered pastel when I tried to attach the encaustic dipped grid paper on top of the first level of work.

The same technique was used on this piece but the bottom half received a coating of black ink.  I love the subtle resist created by the wax as the two media merged.

I have lots more to share and no time to write.   Later today we are going to  open  our summer house for the season- it's not very summery where I am though. If Newfoundlanders ran their lives by the weather not much would happen!  I may get enough time to paint or else I will photograph and walk;   either way art wins in the end. I look forward to a summer of relaxation and painting but first I get to go to the International Encaustic Conference in early June. 


Jann Gougeon said...

Beautiful! And I love that you described your process!

Carole said...

The sewing machine perforations add such interesting texture to your work. Thanks for showing these.

hw (hallie) farber said...

These are really beautiful and I love that a sewing machine can be an "art machine." I've always felt that sewing can be just another way of making art.

Kelly Marszycki said...

very cool effects! and with a sewing machine, no less -- great!