Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What an opening

 If you follow my blog, you'll know I've experienced all kinds of art opening adventures.  This is another one. Weather seems to be a dominant theme!

The morning was rainy and damp, the opening was happening on the newly built "bridge".  There were thoughts of make shift awnings and who would be the lucky contractor.  All that worry for nothing.  It turned out to be a lovely day with a great turnout for the inaugural exhibition opening at 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects in Duntara, NL.  I've been to a lot of openings but this one beat them all. 

 Photo:  Pat Tracey

 Photo: Pat Tracey

  Photo: Pat Tracey
Photo: Pat Tracey

Photo: Margaret Ryall

 Photo: Margaret Ryall

The lovely, energetic Catherine Beaudette chatting with a friend, an almost perfect composition!

 Later that evening artists and friends got together to celebrate with a fire on the beach, a celebration tradition in Duntara.  The evening had...

 lots of  spirit and spirits

 and good food - moose, salad, watermelon  and the like.

 As night fell we settled in for chats,

 relaxing ,

 and music.

 Of course that was a fitting ending to a day with a lot of differences. Not many openings occur in such idyllic surroundings.  Thank you Catherine Beaudette for your energy , foresight and interest.


Lesley Ann Staples said...

That looked like so much fun. Glad you had a good day.

Carole said...

Hi Margaret! It looks like you had fun and a great turnout. One of these days I'm going to make it out to side of our large country to give you a big hug and see your work in real. Happy week to you.

Margaret Ryall said...

No doubt it was a fun opening Lesley. Carole, we always welcome visitors especially artists.

Carole said...

I'll call first!